Fans Of Manga

Year: 2014

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Why I Love Manga

I’ve always been a fan of anything Japanese. Everything that comes out of Japan gets me excited. I frequent this vape shop in hackensack because of their Japanese influenced design throughout their shop. landscapers do a Japanese garden design as well. Anything from Japan gets me excited!


My love for Japanese culture started when I was a child. I was thrown into a karate class at the age of 5. Everything about the class made me realize that the Japanese culture was special. It didn’t have the same elements of say the American culture, of which I …


Wecome to for friends and followers and for information about manga.



For those that don’t already know, and I’m sure that most do because how else would you find this site. Manga is a genre of comic made by Japanese writers using Japanese character. For a much better description maybe its best that you check it out yourself on wikipedia

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